Thursday, July 30, 2009

Juanita and the Rabbit - aug. 8th at thee parkside.

Brett - Fender Mark VI bass, vox & Elizabeth - Drums, vox

LittleBook: Why did you start a band??
B: Never really had a choice.. just had to be done!! started my first band when I was 10, which was vocals and snare drum... been through about 20 bands since then; and this has been the first one that's been able to tour!!
E: I was interested in trying something new..I had been working as a clothing designer for years and was sick of it...
being in a band with my already best friend husband is the best work I have ever been a part of.

LB: How did you find each other??
B: We met at burning man in 1999, eloped 53 days later. don't judge...
E: Also I might mention, at a fire pit (of course) sharing a Hornitos Tequilla bottle as the sun rose.

LB: What's your most memorable moment as a band??
B: Driving over the bay bridge for our first national tour...
E: Viewing a spotlight video of us, that ran on a Seattle Music podcast/blog ..we were on a crappy hotel wifi connection and had to wait while it kept rendering..but it was our first unsolicited pr..and it was super exciting.

LB: Where do you practice? What do you drink at practice? What do you do at practice when you’re not practicing?
B: We practice in our home.. aka mini-crib 12' x 20': half band-room, half dorm-room. the band room is pretty damn small. so when we're in there...we practice and sweat! then we get the hell out.
Juanita and the Rabbit: Sometimes beers, but we often practice earlier like 11AM... so coffee/tea and weed might be involved.
E: I was hot on margaritas for awhile

LB: What's the hardest thing about being a band in 2009?
B: Well, it was gas prices; but they've come down from the $5 a gallon we payed last summer!! but really, just paying bills in general.
E: All of our hardwork will be lost when the world ends in 2012..never know!

LB: What's the best thing about being a band in San Francisco??
JTR: The weather. kidding, but seriously you leave s.f. in summer and it gets seriously hot around most of the u.s.!!! We thought about retreating to the trees somewhere, but we'd miss our huge community we're a part of. There are tons of great venues to play, and awesome bands to play with!! plus our friends rule.

LB: What do you want people to know about your band, what are you doing next??
JTR: Well, we're getting ready to head out in Aug. for another national tour to promote our most recent cd release...also, we're going to start work on a new video with our good friend and director lily amirpour in los angeles.

LB: What’s up with your CD where can I get it, where did you record it??
JTR: We just released our 2nd recording "out of the grave:alive in the fire"; recorded by tim green at louder studios. It's available ITUNES, amazon, cdbaby and occassional free song downloads.

LB: Favorite local Band or a memorable show??
JTR: So many great local bands. but for sure bigbluewhale, and disastroid are some of our favorite people!!
E: Memorable show: last year at the parkside after brett had worked a random 14 hour day then played a gig, we went on last and to say the least, we were hammered. Brett's shirt came off and it all got crazy!

LB: Favorite venue to Play??
JTR: In S.F.- the Elbo room. but, Alex's bar in Long Beach, the Ruby Room in San Diego, and Check Point Charlie's in New Orleans are all pretty tops!!

LB: Have you played the El Rio before? What do you like it?
JTR: Never played the el rio. but love the back patio.

LB: Do any of the members ever take their shirts off at a show or at practice??
JTR: As mentioned thee parkside, my shirt was removed...
E: We've been know to do a little scantily clad practice here and there. its hot in there!!

LB: Who's the smelliest member after a sweaty gig??
B: me..(brett)

LB: Favorite pre / post show; food, indulgence or ritual??
JTR: Pre- beer, and a jack and coke.
Post- a kiss
Post Post late night drunk- string cheese and chips

LB: Where do you think live music is heading??
B: Hopefully, smaller, more intimate venues!!
E: I'm thinking private house parties and clubs inside airports.

LB: How do you feel about people downloading your songs for free , do you offer free downloads??
JTR: Well, I'm always conscious that when something is given for free, people don't value it as much as when they buy it.. but yes, we'll give away a free download on and ocassionaly on our myspace and other music blog sites.

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