Friday, August 21, 2009

Robots of Fury - Sep 3 @ Bottom of the Hill

Valerie - guitar/vocals

Logan - Drums

Jamie - lead guitar

Amir - Bass

LittleBook: Why did you start a band??

Robots of Fury:
The band began as a project focused on experimentation with distortion and effects that could compliment solid songwriting. We also wanted to incorporate more artistic/creative elements into the imagery and persona of our band.

LB: How did you find each other??

We met through mutual friends and via the interwebs.

LB: Where do you practice?

ROF: We practice at Soundwave in Oakland.

LB: What do you drink at practice?

ROF: We drink beer of various origins at practice.

LB: What do you do at practice when you’re not practicing?

ROF: When we're not practicing at practice we sit around and stare at each other.

LB: What's your most memorable moment as a band??

ROF: A memorable moment I can reference would be after our show at Blakes on Telegraph this past June. It was our second show with all the current members of the band and we just nailed the set. After the show we had quite a few people come up to us wanting to buy merch. There was an excitement in the way these people approached us that implied we had made an impact on them. It was neat.

LB: What's the hardest thing about being a band in 2009?

ROF: I think the hardest thing about being in a band in 2009 is pressure to package the band with some sort of image. We don’t make attempts at coming across in a contrived fashion that might make us more marketable.

LB: What's the best / worst thing about being a band in the Bay Area??

ROF: The Bay Area has many interesting groups of people and I think that gives bands more options to appeal to one of those groups. There is a certain appreciation for creativity and diversity here that does not exist in many other areas. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a certain “bandwagon” mentality that hinders people from discovering new bands on their own.

LB: What do you want people to know about your band, what are you doing next??

ROF: We have evolved into a band that is pioneering a distinctive genre of music. “New grunge” as we have been called could spread in the same way that plaid shirts have become fashionable again. We plan to record new material and release our next EP in 2010.

LB: What’s up with your CD where can I get it, where did you record it??

ROF: “Reverse in Reverse” is available both digitally and physically. Go to itunes, Amazon mp3, Napster or Rhapsody for digital copies. For a physical copy of the album, please consult our webstore:

LB: Favorite local band?

ROF: Scene of Action

LB: Favorite venues to play?

ROF: The Uptown, Annie’s Social Club, Blakes

LB: Have you played The Bottom of the Hill before??

ROF: We have not played Bottom of the Hill before.

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