Tuesday, January 26, 2010

True Margrit - Jan 29th @ El Rio

True Margrit @ El Rio w/ The Steelwells & Blair Hansen

Juggler's Progress CD International Release Party with BLAIR HANSEN & THE SHEBANGS!!!!
Friday, January 29, 2010
9:00pm - 11:55pm
El Rio
3158 Mission St
San Francisco, CA


Come on down to San Francisco's coolest dive and help True Margrit celebrate the International Release of their fab new album, "The Juggler's Progress!"

Special guests include the wonderful Blair Hansen, who is also celebrating her great new record "Real World" and just added- The Shebangs!

(The Steelwells had to cancel but we can't change the name of the event...)


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bluegrassy folky fun - January 19 @ Grant & Green

Free Show in North Beach

Start Time:
Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 8:40am
End Time:
Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 1:40am
Grant & Green Saloon
1371 Grant Street
San Francisco, CA


This will be a wonderful show in the heart of north beach. Bluegrassy folky fun amid the poets. I'll be playing solo electric.
Hope to see you there!



Antonette Goroch

Shareef Ali and the Radical Folksonomy

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TurbonegrA - February 05 @ The Uptown

Photo by Hardy Wilson

Event Photo

TurbonegrA @ The Uptown

Friday, February 05, 2010
9:00 PM - 12:00 AM PST

The Uptown
1928 Telegraph Ave.

Oakland, CA

Hosted by:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

THE TEMPERMENTALS - February 5th @ Kimo's

Friday February 5th
pmr presents

+ special guests
Kimo's Penthouse Lounge
1351 Polk Street, SF • 21+
Doors 9:00pm / Show 9:30pm / $5

GIRLBAND REUNION SHOW!!! - February 19 @ Bottom of the Hill


Start Time:
Friday, February 19, 2010 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 2:00am
Bottom of the Hill


That's right peeps! The ladies of GIRLBAND are back!
Line up is :

Here come the Saviors (1st)
Boy in the Bubble


Pirate Cat benefit: This is Radio Clash! - January 22 @ Uptown Nightclub

Pirate Cat benefit: This is Radio Clash!

all Clash songs performed by The Hooks, Shootin Lucy, Switchblade Riot, Static Thought, Super Cutes
Start Time:
Friday, January 22, 2010 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 2:00am
Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA


$10, 9PM, 21 & over

OLDiES NiGHT - Fri Jan 15 @ the knockout

OLDiES NiGHT Fri Jan 15th ***!^^^

"the" "dance" "party" "!"
Start Time:
Friday, January 15, 2010 at 9:30pm
End Time:
Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 2:00am
The Knockout
3223 Mission St
San Francisco, CA


we r back

the DooWOp, Soul, GirlGroup, RocknRoll, RnB DANCE PARTY!
w Dj's
thjis friday jan 15 @ Knockout, 2 bux before 11, $4 after

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spawn Atomic - Jan 5 @ Elbo Room

Spawned in 2008 from the muck and mire of the SF bay, at Toxic beach;
Spawn Atomic gleefully arose to spread their hair raising, spine-numbingly fast horror tracks amongst the living dead of San francisco. Spreading their virus of fun sexy blood infused lyrics of zombies and werewolves, you'll feel the songs start to chew at your arteries, droning you out with evil distorted bass, making you shreik to catchy guitar riffs and brain splattering drums. You'll Walk away with a smile and missing a limb. 100% EVIL!!

Upcoming Shows

Jan 5 2010 8:00P
Elbo Room January Meat Fest Punk rock show with Mental Hygiene & M.C. MeatHook/The Vital Organs San Francisco, California

Jan 9 2010 8:00P
Gilman: Spawn Atomic opening for Plan 9 Berkeley, California

Jan 14 2010 7:00P
The Knockout : Warm your freezing Asses Punk Show with Spawn Atomic Black Dream and The Jibbers San Francisco, California

Jan 22 2010 8:00P
Oakland Metro, Spawn Atomic & Chronic Narcosis & Black Dream & Kneehigh in Dwarves & Solcraft Oakland, California

Jan 31 2010 5:30P
Battle Of The Bands DNA Lounge, San Francisco CA San Francisco, California

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Deeper - DuNord for Sat, Jan2 Kimos on Jan 20th

LittleBook: What's your relationship with Ozzy (Osbourne) been like since he made
you start Deeper?
Deeper: ~It has been an awakening for us. We
are totally confronted with the fact that "we're not worthy, we're not
worthy, we're not worthy!" Like the Ozz-Man, we have sold our
souls for rock and roll.

LB: Do you remember the first time you practiced together as a band? What was it
D: ~yes. Eric was quiet. He scared the heck
out of me (Kristy) and Bob was the easy going facilitator that offered bananas
(We started out in Bob's home studio called the "Blue Womb") it was
like gettin into bed with complete strangers...and then after sweet, sweaty
love making...you part ways hoping they call you … or something like that.

LB: Do you have any brand new songs for your upcoming show?
D: ~absolutely! several: The Information, Smiles, Almond eyes, KissKiss, Jelly Fish, and a few more. I'm proud to say Almond eyes is about my part-Japanese heritage and Eric's not-so-Japanese heritage. Smiles is a pure winner....with awesome soft/loud dynamics with lyrics
about seeking happiness.

LB: Has Kristy quit smoking cigarettes yet?
D: ~Yeah....but after a great show I'll occasionally relapse

LB: Are you still thinking about creating a super being from your pooled DNA?
D: ~now, the guys won't willingly donate
blood....so I'm patiently waiting for the day that we are maybe on tour and they are asleep and I can extract some "juice" from them without their knowing. Then, I will have my way with the most extraordinary creation!
muah ha ha ha....muah ha ha ha (with my pinky at the corner of my cheeky smile)

LB: What do you do at practice when you're not practicing.
D: ~Bob usually will do jumping jacks, Eric will
default to noodling bluegrass, and I'll generally start singing my Sean
song over whatever's going on. We'll occasionally step outside (we rehearse at Secret Studios) and loiter at the entrance of the building to cool off and chat with other "artists".

LB: San Francisco has recently made several changes to accommodate bicycles on city streets, have
these "bike lanes" effected your ability to load in and out of shows
with any less danger?
D: ~no. It has actually improved our
ability to load in/out. It makes it really easy for Eric when he chooses to ride his Schwinn Stingray from Mill Valley with his AMP strapped onto the banana seat. For real, people.

LB: What's up with your New CD where can I get it, where did you record it??
D: ~Deeper EP is on iTunes and available
also at www.kunaki.com ....we recorded it at Shakesound Studios in
Emeryville , CA . We really REALLY need to get our S#!@ together to record a full length album soon. We have great material and enough stuff for a double album (maybe our own "Double Nickels on the Dime") ... but the $$ is TIGHT to do this on our own. Any local labels out there interested in us?
We'd love to talk with you!! Size of label does not matter!

LB: What are you doing next??
D: ~We're waiting for the right bass
player to find us. We are patient, oh yes, patient like a yogi meditating for years in a cave in the Himalayas .
Because our sound is conducive to the lack of low-end, we're not pained without a bassist...although it would give us a thicker edge. AND! it's a matter of presence and energy that the right person has to bring to the plate aside from the chops. If yer gonna make sweet sweaty musical love~I think it's important to be picky-like searching for another lover! xox

Deeper also has a show coming up Dec 22nd at the Hemlock sharing a bill with Jason mKey(from Seattle ), A Mighty russian Winter and Zoo. We're also playing Kimos on Jan 20th with Street Light Suzie (from Austin )and Euphoric Pork.

LB: Weirdest venue in the Bay Area??
D: ~The ReTox...and we LOVE it there! It's
like playin in your dad's basement...decorated with parts from the inside paneling of a 747. And it's dark, grungy, and totally intimate. I'm sure there are weirder places, but we have not been exposed to them all yet.

LB: Have we ever played DuNord before?
D: ~no, but Deeper's THRILLED to the core to get on a Rock bill with Flexx Bronco and (our friends) Lloyd's Garage! We love DuNord and have seen some AWESOME shows there! The vibe and warmth of the room is attractive and location on Market street is pure landmark. We're playing Saturday January 2, and it's our FIRST SHOW of the year!!! We'll see you there!.......on the 20th, we're at Kimo's-which we've played before. We always get GREAT sound there and will be a cool night as well!

LB: Who's the smile-i-est member after a great show??
D: ~definitely me..I'm the most emotionally
outgoing member of Deeper. Bob is 2nd-he always has a different satisfied smile on his face after a show. If we play a great show, Eric will be smiling too, but he tends to be the most critical member of the band when it comes to reviewing our own performance.

LB: What kind of reaction, if any, have you noticed, now that your music is
available on iTunes?
D: ~we've received murmurings
of interest from a few record labels, as well as from the MotherShip.
The Aliens say that our music will be the foundation of the next inter-galactic society and it will save lives, maintain peace, and harmonious existence among Alien Rockers. How f'n cool-aid is that!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Deeper Jan 2 @ Cafe Du Nord & Jan 20 @ Kimos

Deeper Show

Saturday, January 02, 2010
3:00 AM - 4:00 AM PST

Cafe DuNord
2170 Market Street
San Francisco, ca 94114

Click here to view the event

We're opening up the night going on at 9:30 SHARP!!! Hope to see you there~ it will be an amazing show for an amazing new year!!

- Deeper

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ArnoCorps in USA for 2010!

Due to impending training and rescue missions to further improve our proportions and symmetry, January may be the only chance to experience ArnoCorps in USA for 2010! Please pass on these important dates! Thanks for being a ballsy goddamn hero! SEE YOU AT THE PARTIES!

Saturday Jan 2, 2010
The Stork Club
2330 Telegraph Ave.

Wednesday Jan 6, 2010
Radio Room
El Cajon Blvd.

Thursday Jan 7, 2010
Whisky A Go Go
8901 Sunset Blvd
** DISCOUNT TICKETS: http://www.arnocorps.com/shows/index.html

Friday Jan 8, 2010
Double Down Saloon
4640 Paradise Rd.

Holzfeuer explained the strategy for these shows on Pirate Cat Radio last night! Listen here:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Upcoming Shows


12/12/20099:00PM FRACAS john patricks, alameda, ca alameda, California7 bucks
12/13/20093:45PM Jesse Grant Milk Bar SF san francisco, CaliforniaFree!
12/13/20097:00PM Evets Black Brainwash SF, CaliforniaFree
12/13/20097:00PM SPAWN ATOMIC

PUNK SHOW at El Rio with The Jibbers and Static Thought san francisco, California$5.00
12/15/20096:00PM Neat Neat Noise HOLIDAY SHOW PRE-BASH: Persephone’s Bees, HeWhoCanNotBeNamed & Blag Jesus Pirate Cat Radio, CaliforniaFREE
12/15/20098:00PM GET DEAD! (NOW ON ITUNES) Bottom of the Hill with The SORE THUMBS, Super Ego San Francisco, CaliforniaN/A
12/16/20098:00PM al Qaeda Heco’s w/ Winters In Osaka/Al Qaeda/A.C. Way collaboration Oakland
12/17/20098:00PM Street Justice Annies Social Club with Officer Down SF, California6
12/17/20099:00PM Blisses B Hotel Utah San Francisco, California

12/18/20098:00PM LUCABRAZZI LI PO LOUNGE SAN FRANCISCO, California$5.00
12/18/20098:00PM al Qaeda Cafe du Nord w/ Pink Mountain, T.I.T.S., Arrington de Dionyso, Work, & more San FranciscoFREE
12/18/20099:00PM Kajillion Kimo’s w/ Sideshow Fiasco San Francisco, California
12/18/20099:00PM Bare Wires Paradise Lounge w/ Apache + Pear San Francisco, California
12/19/20098:00PM EXCUSE THE BLOOD Stork Club Oakland, California$5
12/19/20098:00PM Lilofee Red Devil Lounge san francisco, CaliforniaTBA
12/19/20098:00PM The Corruptors Annie’s Social Club, SF with Spittin’ Cobras & It’s Casual SAN FRANCISCO
12/19/20098:00PM Flexx Bronco Kelly’s Mission Rock w/ Death Valley High & TBA’S san francisco, California??
12/19/20099:00PM death valley high KELLY’S MISSION ROCK ( SAN FRANCISCO ) San Francisco, California
12/19/200910:00PM Mata León Bottom of the Hill w/ Stomacher San Francisco, California10

Live & Acoustic on Folsom - Dec 16 @ Annie’s Social Club

Live Acoustic

12/16/2009 8:00 PM at Annie’s Social Club
917 Folsom Street at 5th, San Francisco, California 94107
Cost: 6

Live & Acoustic on Folsom featuring: Chantigs,
Misisipi Rider, Media Male,
and Geneva Pop.

With special guests, DJ Baked NebraSKA and Thee Professor.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Deeper - Dec 22 Hemlock Tavern


12/22/2009 9:00 PM at Hemlock Tavern
1131 Polk Street @ Post, San Francisco, California 94109-5541
Cost: $6

Jason Mkey//The Mighty Russian Winter//Deeper//Zoo(Andy Tisdale)

LittleBook: Have you ever played the Hemlock Before?? What do you like about it??
Deeper: No, but we've seen friends play there and I've personally always liked the intimate feel of the room. We are psyched/jazzed/wound up/jonesing to seriously rock out at the Hemlock.



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Space Vacation - Nov 28 @ Annies Social Club w/ HOLY GRAIL, PROFESSOR and STONE VENGEANCE

Space Vacation is Scott Shapiro lead guitar and vocals Jay Shapiro Bass Andy Headrick drums

LittleBook: Why did you start a band??

Space Vacation: To get rad. To play Heavy metal the way it should be played!

LB: How did you find each other??

SV: Scott and I are brothers so that's a given. Andy I've known for ages. we me on the road on the east coast. He is the sickest drummer in town. and has the most and best drum flair.

LB: What's your most memorable moment as a band??

SV: Making our record before we played a gig.

LB: Where do you practice? What do you drink at practice? What do you do at practice when you’re not practicing?

SV: We practice at Audiobox studio's in soma. We drink beer!! Lots of beer! What ever is cheap. We smoke weed and drink beer when we are not practicing at the practice space.

LB: What's does being a band mean in 2009?

SV: A sweet way to waste time!

LB: What's the best / worst thing about being a band in San Francisco??

SV: The best would be we are the only one's doing what we do. The worst would be people who don't like to party.

LB: What do you want people to know about your band, what are you doing next??

SV: That we love Heavy Metal and play it the way we want. There are no rules. Lets SHRED!!! Whats next, is making a new record for 2010!

LB: What’s up with your CD where can I get it, where did you record it??

SV: Our Self titled first record "SPACE VACATION" is available at AMIE ST music. iTunes and through us spacevacation/myspace.com
We recorded our record at The Atomic Garden studios. Recorded by Jack Shirley.

LB: Was there a local show you remember that inspired you to start a band??
SV: Yea, Andy and I went to see Magic Moments at el Rincon. Scott was about to move into town. So I asked Andy if he wanted to start jammin, and we just went from there. I knew it was time to star something special. Something new that no one in S.F can do or sound like.

LB: Favorite venue to Play??

SV: Annies, Thee Parkside, The Knockout

LB: Have you played Annie's Social Club before? What do you like about it?

SV: Yea a bounch of times. Allways a good time. Except our first gig there. Total gear meltdown.

LB: Who's the smelliest member after a sweaty gig??

SV: Andy's the sweatiest and Scott is a close second.

LB: Favorite pre / post show; food, indulgence or ritual??

SV: Try not to get too mangaled thats it and try not to get too mangaled after so we can make it home.

LB: Where do you think live music is heading??

SV: The toilet. No one cares any more. Why go to a gig when you can watch it on youtube, right????
Live music is so rad!!! I wish more people would get it, ya know....

LB: Do you have any plans to tour?

SV: Yea! we are doing a mini tour of the East coast in December with Natur.

LB: How do you feel about people downloading your songs for free, do you offer free downloads??

SV: I don't care really. The more people that listen to our songs the better! But on the other hand. We are paying for our recording and pressing out of pocket. So it would be nice to see some sort or return. Its not like someone else or a label is flipping the bill. There is no time to wait for some suit. DO IT YOURSELF! fuck the B.S. PLAY LOUD, FAST, HARD !!! Never give in. Do it the way you want.